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Sunday, 4 September 2016

3rd Year Uni House - Room Tour

Hey everyone, I've returned! I've been so quiet in terms of blogging and social media because I was away at Reading Festival, then moving back to Nottingham for University, and starting my new job at Debenhams, but I'm finally back, unpacked and ready to return to blogging.

It took me a full day to unpack and organise my room, but I was so glad when it was done. In first year I was in halls, so there wasn't a lot I had to do in terms of choosing. Last year my housemates and I were determined to find somewhere nice, and as a group of 8 there weren't too many options, and to be fair the house was ok... by the time we moved out! All of the things that needed doing to the house were solved by the time we were leaving, so this time we were more careful. We looked at plenty of options, picked our favourite, and then went through and made a list of the things that might need doing before we moved, which sounds downright fussy but if you're paying for a house you may as well enjoy living there! Plus, as a group your rent is WAY higher than what a family would pay for the same sized house per month, so with the collective rent I'm sure the agency/landlord you're renting from can afford to add a lick of paint or changed a stained mattress (we'll get to that last one!),

When I moved in a few days ago there was already someone here, but she has since gone home so I'm alone for a few weeks, which means now the responsibility of getting the problems sorted lies with me. The first thing I had to deal with was the wifi, which is usually straight forward but apparently Virgin's automated line activation system decided I wasn't worthy of wifi, so I ended up spending hours getting it fixed (big thanks to big Steve at Virgin Media for sorting it for me).

Now to tell you about my room. In the last house we rented, I was delegated the tiny box room which we later discovered was COVERED in black mould. Wonderful, right? It was 'fixed' by the letting agency (they sent someone to repaint the walls and window frame which would apparently get rid of the mould, which we all know is a lie but what can you do). Then one of our housemates dropped out of uni (for the second time in 2 years, bants) and I took his room. Which had the boiler in it. Which sounded like a steam train every time someone flushed the toilet. Including at 3AM. So my housemates said I could pick my room first this year. Naturally I took the huge room with a bay window. There was another room the same size but with a corner sofa but another housemate of mine fell in love with that room, so I took the bay window and smaller sofa instead (generous of me, right?).

The room itself is lovely. A big space, with high ceilings with some of the old features (with it being an old house), such as the decoration around the ceiling light, and the old windows (look nice, not so practical).

Fancy ceiling, odd lampshade.

My favourite part of the room might be my bay window desk area. The windows give so much natural light to the room (but look onto a main road, so may remain mostly closed when I'm hanging out in my room). 

To the right you can see my reading fest stuff that needs to be returned to my mum

I have a few little knick knacks on the desk at the minute, like my Mickey Mouse mug which is useless for tea but great as a pen holder. Under the desk is a little section where I've put all of my textbooks. I also really diligently organised the drawers per section for different types of stationary. I didn't have anything else to do, ok!

Pretending to be an organised person
The bed is nice, it's actually a double bed this time as opposed to the three quarter bed I had last year. It sits in front of a fireplace, which would be a really nice touch if you could actually centre the bed to the fireplace, but due to the bedside table (which wont fit on the other side) I can't move the bed. I actually forgot to bring pillows, because I'm a genius, so I'm currently using cushions, so ignore that too. 

The wardrobe is a decent size too, but the drawers are broken.

I did have a photo for the other side of the fireplace but the frame broke in the move. I mentioned gross mattresses earlier, because the mattress I have as a little stain on the top. It's not a huge deal but I know the agency I'm renting from charges £150 to replace any mattresses with stains on, so if they charged the previous tenant I should have a new mattress. I also couldn't flip it, because the bottom is covered in rust stains! (Yes, that is a plastic chopping board underneath my bed that I unpacked and forgot to move).

To the left of the bed is a little table, which I'm going to use as a makeup table. It doesn't look like much now, but I'm going to get a mirror for it so I can make it into a cute little dressing table. 

Next to that are my drawers, which I'm using as my makeup drawers. 

I've put  my brush pots, perfumes and lipstick holders on the top. Then there are the 3 drawers. 

The first holds all of my shower and skincare stuff as well as things such as medicine and plasters etc. 

In the second drawer is my makeup, which I;ve divided using boxes from subscription boxes and gift set boxes. 

Cheeky sellotape on the side.

In the bottom drawer is nail polish, bozes with jewelry, my hair dryer, straighteners, curlers and last but not least, toilet roll. Glam, 

To the other side of the room is my sofa. A bloody sofa in my room! It sits next to a window so it gets plenty of light and it'll be nice for when I have friends over. Between the sofa and my bed is a big rug with a leaf print design, and on that is a coffee table. 

On my coffee table is a candle, my photo cube I got for my birthday and Corey the cactus.

In terms of decoration I've literally just used what I had, but as soon as I get paid I'm gonna go and get a bunch of stuff to try and tie the room together. When I moved in I was struggling to decide how I was going to make the rug fit in with the rest of the room, but then Velvetgh0st from youtube moved flats and has actually gone with a gold/green leaf print theme, and has given me loads of inspiration, so I'm so excited to get started! The other thing  I need to do is put up some more photos, because I always feel more at home in a new place when my photos are up.

I haven't included the communal areas of the house as I haven't really done anything to those and there isn't much to see. I'm so lucky to have gotten this room and grateful that my housemates let me take it! 

See you again soon! 

Paige x


  1. I love how you decorated your place, and you're so organized! I hope you enjoy the rest of your semester!

    - Maya at www.TheKelleyDoll.com

  2. Loved reading your room tour! I love your ideas for lipstick storage too, hopefully I can try this myself once I'm allowed a dressing table haha! Following you on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)