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Friday, 27 May 2016

Primark PS Pro review - No Ragrets (well, maybe some).

Primark PS Pro range

When I heard Primark were releasing a pro range, I couldn't wait to try it out. I haven't tried much from their original PS Love range, because I was doubtful of the quality, aside from grabbing a cheap brow pencil or lip balm every now and then. However, this new range promises professional quality for a budget price. The products range from £2-£5, which is incredible, if the products work.

I bought the lip scrub, the miracle primer and a felt tip lip liner from the range, as well as an emergency brow kit from the old PS Love range that had a little spoolie in, which I've needed for a while.

I went through my regular cleansing routine (let me know if you want a post on that!) so as to ensure that I was giving the products the best chance. Then I went in with the lip scrub. I've tried lip scrubs from Lush, which always smell amazing and taste just as good, however at around £6 each they are slightly more expensive. The £3 lip scrub from the PS Pro collection contains vitamin e and almond oil, so not only does it smell incredible but it is super hydrating as well as working to exfoliate. Big fan of this product.

PS Pro Lip Scrub - £3

The miracle primer claims to 'create a smooth flawless finish, (and) minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines'. When I swatched this in the store, it reminded me of the Benefit Porefessional primer, so of course I was very excited to use it because I'd love to find a good dupe of that, especially if it's at £5 a bottle! The primer itself comes out of the tube as an almost mousse like consistency, but it glides on the skin to create a really nice, smooth canvas. I also think it actually did a great job of minimising my pores, and didn't cling to any dry patches. I'm so happy with this primer! I've used it for a few days now and it really does help the longevity of my foundation, so much so that I've added it to my everyday makeup routine.

PS Pro Miracle Primer - £5

I then applied my foundation (I used the Rimmel Lasting finish 25hr foundation here) with a Mac 193 brush and then blended with a damp real techniques blending sponge. The finish over the top of this primer was incredible, I couldn't stop looking at it. My skin looked clear, even and almost glowing. Of course the foundation is doing half the work here, it's a great medium coverage foundation, but I've used it without the primer and I much prefer it with!

I then decided to try the products in the emergency brow kit, which contained tweezers, a spoolie, a brow pencil and a brow gel. I could only find one shade of brow pencil, but I hoped it would match because I was eager to try the whole set. The brow pencil was the creamiest pencil I've ever used, I had to use the slightest touch to get a huge amount of colour, which actually made it kind of difficult to precisely full in my brows. I used the spoolie to brush them through to make sure the colour was evenly distributed. However when I applied the brow gel because the pencil was so creamy it was all moved by the brow gel brush, which made my brows look ridiculous and patchy, so I left the gel to set so I could come back to them later and fix it, but as I said this wasn't from the pro range so I didn't expect much, and I like the other 3 products so I don't mind too much.

PS Love Brow kit - £2

After this disappointment I was hoping the felt tip liner would be a winner, but alas it wasn't meant to be. I found the colour didn't come out as strong on the lips as when I swatched it in store, and I wasn't able to fill in my lips well enough to wear it on its own. It did last quite a while though and I didn't find it drying, but there are better budget lip liners out there.

PS Pro Felt Lip Liner - £3

Despite the disappointment of the liner, I think some of the PS Pro range is incredible for the price, particularly the miracle primer, which I've already recommended to a number of people and will probably purchase again and again. I'd like to try the mineral foundation, also £5, but they didn't have my shade in stock, so I'll hopefully pick that up another time. Have you tried any other products from the collection that you'd recommend?

I just purchased a few products from the range GOSH, in Superdrug, which I know I love, so I might be doing a review on that soon. See you then!


(Ps shout out to Lucy for the blog title - she really wanted me to call it no ragrets)


  1. Thank for the primer recommendation I've been looking for one for ages! My skin tends to look really dry in areas when I use just foundation, do you reckon this would help? Thanks :)

    1. Yeah I find I get really dry patches if I apply just foundation, so I'd recommend this primer for that! A lot of other primers I've used are mattifying so more drying, but I don't find that with this one. x